Ignorance Is BLISS? Well, Maybe NOT!

Since very early on in life, there have been countless occasions where I was ignored; be it intentionally or unintentionally. Not being able to walk made things a lot worse because I could not just run around with the other kids whenever I wanted to. There have been many instances where I was just left alone in one area by my cousins or friends. One minute they’ll be playing together with me and the next minute they’ll all run downstairs leaving me alone in the room we were playing in until I actually call out for someone to come and get me. I know this was unintentional. It was something they all took for granted, which I didn’t – i.e. Walking. I forgave them anyway. Especially since they were all really young. However, this went on in school as well. Both in elementary and high school. I would often be ignored by my classmates, backstabbed & shunned away. Nobody wanted to sit with me or be in any group study with me because I was the ‘princess’ (one of my nicknames out of many) or the ‘teacher’s pet’ (as if I wanted to be 🙄). Jealousy and envy enveloped their beings leaving me all ALONE most of the time. Being the only child in the family didn’t help either..

This is why, I just HATE the feeling of being ignored or left out. And unfortunately, it still happens to this day.

Those of you who know me well would know that I cannot stand being ignored. It is the one thing that I really despise. The silent treatment just drives me insane at times. Sadly though, many people tend to use this technique on each other very often these days. If they are upset with someone, they ignore. If they don’t feel like talking, they ignore. Nobody communicates these days. Nobody pours out feelings and emotions to one another. They just keep it to themselves and hold a grudge whilst giving you the silent treatment. Worst still, there’s this new blocking feature that has made it even more easier for people to shut you off now.

Yes, I do admit that staying silent is better than saying things you may regret later. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay silent forever or leave the person hanging for so long. Communication is KEY.

To top that, there’s also social media to keep reminding you of the people who are actually ignoring your posts or messages. For instance, if someone has mentioned you in their post, would it hurt to acknowledge it by writing a comment? Let’s say if you are absolutely busy and don’t have the time to write a comment, would it hurt to give a reaction? Would it hurt to just hit ‘like’? I mean, that person took their time to write a post mentioning you. I honestly don’t think it would hurt to respond. Common courtesy really. I mean, if you’re the type to ignore everyone’s post or if you are not active on social media at all, I can understand. However, if you are active but you’re just being selective about your responses & who you want to respond to, that is really Unfair!! I really cannot stand it when people are impartial to one another. BE JUST AND FAIR TO ALL!

So my two important messages for the day:

1. COMMUNICATE with one another

2. Treat everyone EQUALLY

On a side note, if I have ever done any of the above to any of you’ll, my sincere apologies. It’s most likely either one of two things – 1. I was really very hurt by your words/actions OR 2. It was purely unintentional/overlooked. Either way, no intentional harm intended. I’m just an imperfect human being striving to be better everyday. And I understand that you are too! So let’s all be better together 🙂

Much Love ❤️ & Peace ✌🏻

Your Imperfect Nut

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