Yes, I’m still Alive! 😜

Dear Readers,

I am truly sorry your Imperfect Nut has been MIA for so long! I realize that I haven’t written anything at all this year though A LOT has happened. Here’s a quick run through of what I have been up to in this year 2019 thus far:

1. After having left DON Management (a talent/modelling agency for the differently-abled in Malaysia that I co-founded with my peers) as a Business Partner late last year, I left DON Management early this year as a Model as well because I wanted to pursue my personal career and do freelance modelling on my own instead.

2. I was the Social Media Manager for Miss Amazing Malaysia 2019 & hopefully in the years to come.

3. I was a temporary Personal Assistant to the Founder of Miss Amazing Malaysia, Ms. Maynicca Devi Rajamanikam, who’s also the 1st Runner-Up of Mrs. India Worldwide Malaysia 2018.

4. Started my own company known as THISability Enterprise providing various services (

5. Attended all the events of Miss Amazing Malaysia 2019.

6. Celebrated Naw-Rúz (Bahá’í New Year) back in my hometown, Johor Bahru, with loved ones.

7. Still striving to build up my Modelling/Entertainment career whilst also trying to build up my newfound business.

8. Still the HR Executive of a reputable construction company known as Acre Works Sdn. Bhd. who have given me the humbling privilege to work from home.

9. Attended all Miss Amazing Malaysia’s events.

10. Had a short family holiday @ Port Dickson.

11. Went on my first ever overnight vacation with friends.

12. Met so many reputable people along the way and made some lovely new friends ❤️

That’s pretty much it for now! I know it sounds like I had a Blast (which I’m not denying I did) and that my life seems so ‘happening’ & ‘perfect’ but it really isn’t as I’m actually faced with constant battles not many know about and I’m still trying to figure out a lot of things in my life but I choose to spread positivity as much as I can. Watch this site closely for another article coming up soon where I’ll be sharing a part of me I’ve never shared to the world before. In the meantime, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy 😉


Miss Amazing Malaysia 2019 EVENTS



Yours Truly

2 Replies to “Yes, I’m still Alive! 😜”

  1. Awww so happy that I can see your activities on this entry! Anyway, knowing these superwomen makes our life much more beautiful. I bet that you’ll never know how to feeling blue while with them ❤️

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