Breakable Bones, UNBREAKABLE Spirit

Dear Readers,

I’m sorry your Imperfect Nut has been rather quiet for some time. She has had a pretty rough couple of months as of late. Aside from the occasional waves of severe body aches she’s had to deal with, there were a coupla visits to the Emergency that was made as well. Yeap! Haha.. Like I always say to my friends and loved ones, the Emergency is my second home 🤪

Well, it all started one fine afternoon when I was at the washroom in my office. As I was transferring myself from the wheelchair to the toilet, gearing up to release some inner body waste 😋, I felt my right shoulder move and there was a sharp shooting pain that followed. It took a few seconds for me to be able to slowly finish whatever I was doing at that point cause the pain was pretty severe for a while. Once I was out of the washroom, I quietly came and sat at my office table, texted my mom about what had happened, and told her to come after I’m done with work. Of course, mom being mom, she immediately called me as soon as she saw my message and had a word with my superior who then agreed with her that I should be taken to the Emergency immediately. And so mom came back all the way from home (again) to fetch me, and off to the Emergency we went.

After a long wait, a few doctors checking up on me and asking me questions, and pretty much all the doctors at the Emergency room looking at my X-ray whilst cracking their heads on what to do with me, the Specialist Doctor finally came to examine me. Miraculously, the shoulder had gone back into its original position upon her discovery. Possibly while I was being examined by one of the General Practitioners or while I was in the X-ray room. Hence, they told me to wear a sling and sent me home to rest. Admitting me was an option they offered but we humbly refused the offer as we wanted to avoid an invitation of other unnecessary problems, i.e. viruses etc.

I then spent the next two weeks at home, but still working from home whenever I could. Then one fine night, it happened AGAIN. (While I was sleeping k? Not my fault!!) – so, back at the Emergency I was. This time, it didn’t go back on its own. Miracles can’t happen twice la right? That’ll be asking for tooooo much lol. Anyways, the Specialist Doctor that saw me on that day somehow managed to push it back in gently. And as advised earlier, I was asked to be extra careful with that arm. But guess what? It didn’t just end there.. I came home and ended up having a massive allergic reaction which eventually landed me at a nearby clinic that very night because I needed a jab as all the meds I took for it wasn’t working quick enough. How this happened? Well, God only knows! But the clinic doctor did say it’s possibly due to some bug that bit me at the emergency. I mean, we’ll never know what sort of viruses and bacteria’s these bugs are carrying there anyways. It’s a freaking hospital!! So yeah.. It took me two full days to recuperate from that with the help of all the meds the clinic doctor had prescribed.

Then last Friday, about a few days after the second Emergency visit, I had my follow-up appointment for my arm and there was this one Specialist who finally explained to my mom and I in proper detail, of what has actually been happening to my shoulder. Apparently, the first X-ray (during my first visit to the Emergency) showed that I had actually had a hairline fracture at one of the bones on my shoulder. It also seemed like I had a shoulder blade fracture on that same arm before ’cause the X-Ray showed that it has gone down a little, making it harder for the socket to be fixed in properly back to its original position. He also said that my shoulder blades and the sockets in both the arms are pretty brittle and the only way to secure it is to build muscles around that area by doing some gentle exercises.

So there you have it! My crazy month!! Haha… Just another day in the life of Nadeera 😉

Despite all that has happened though, I choose to look towards the bright side of life. Yes, some days are unbearably painful and lonely. It hurts even more when I think of those that have walked out of my life (especially those that I thought never will). But oh well, such is life. I will continue to look at all the blessings I have and continue to shine bright like a diamond, as deep down, I know I’m truly gifted.

That’s all for now!

Signing off… Till next time,

Your Beautifully Imperfect Nut

2 Replies to “Breakable Bones, UNBREAKABLE Spirit”

  1. OMG you went to the emergency twice! 😱 Btw love to see that you can stay positive in such situation but sorry I laughed when you said it’s not your fault lol 😂 Sad but true, we will never know when our bone will fracture. Unexpected. Unplanned. Speedy recovery ya ❤️


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