When the Whole World is Proud of You But You’re Not

‘Well done!’

‘You’re amazing!’

‘You’re such an inspiration!’

‘Great job!’

‘You’re so awesome!’

‘So proud of you!’

These are some of many remarks I often hear from friends, family and strangers alike. It makes me ponder sometimes – ‘Have I really done so much to deserve these compliments? What have I done exactly?? Well, yeah, I graduated with an undergraduate degree. So? What’s the big deal really?? Yes, I’m working now! So? It’s not like other people don’t go through these phases in life right?’

Another thing I seem to notice from the general public is the amount of respect they give you when you say you’re working. People seem to be overwhelmingly excited with the fact that I’m working right now. I find that rather peculiar to be honest. Sometimes, it also makes me wonder – ‘Will I be given that same amount of respect if I were to sit at home and pass my time say, writing for instance?’ Why is it SUCHA ‘great’ thing when someone is working an 8 to 5 job? More so, someone like me – the so called ‘rare breed’ of the lot.

I mean, I get it! The perception that a lot of people probably can’t achieve what I have achieved – especially being in my situation. Yeah, kinda inspiring, motivating, whatever you wish to call it… But why can’t we give that same amount of respect towards everyone regardless of race, colour, creed or personal background?? Be it the well established doctor, lawyer, the homeless, the drug addict or the prostitute on the street. They are all human too right? They all belong to the One True God. And we will all return to that very same God one fine day.

To me, a person who we should all be proud of is a person with profound intellectual and spiritual ideals. A person who is kind-hearted, humble, loving & compassionate. A person who is exuberantly caring and endowed with the most joyful disposition even in the most triumphant circumstances.

That, to me, deserves the utmost RESPECT. Even if all these traits are coming from someone who society deems as ‘unworthy’ – e.g. a homeless drug addict.

I may be totally off the grid here to some but I just seriously have been finding it rather hard to process these reactions, let alone digest them. And all of these thoughts have been lingering on in my ever racing mind which is why I have decided to coil some of these thoughts into words.

To me, I have not achieved anything worthy of praise yet. The fact that I am still here is proof of it. God is telling me ‘Sorry girl, you gotta hang around here for a bit. You’re not done yet!’ Well, whatever that means… 🤷🏻‍♀️ Only HE knows! Lol!!

But yeah, on a more serious note, I think we are all put in this world to be of service to others in any way we possibly can. That, in my humble opinion, based on what I have learnt from my Faith, is the one and ONLY way we are going to be able to progress as an individual. Both materially, and spiritually. Both here in this world, as well as in the next worlds to come.

So, do me a favour people!! Stop praising the superficial things in life. Start noticing and acknowledging the actions of others that ACTUALLY matter.


Your Imperfect Nut

One Reply to “When the Whole World is Proud of You But You’re Not”

  1. Totally agreed!!!!

    My Mom gets that a lot! Apparently, when you are one parent instead of part of a set of 2 parents, little things you do (like holding a job, or being independent) is a great achievement.

    Everyone should be respected and treated equally. Even those who have unfortunate addictions or careers. You don’t know their story, their sufferings or their pains, so you don’t get to judge. Just give respect and take respect.

    You don’t have to disrespect or insult someone to hold your own ground. If you do, that just shows how shaky your own position is.

    Anyway, I don’t know if others should be proud of you or not, but you ARE amazing, you ARE an inspiration and you ARE awesome!! And believe me, I respect that. 😉

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